LBDA 2018 winners

Winning has opened doors to new opportunities, say LBDA winners

  •   13 May 2019

Winners from the past two cycles of LBDA have shared the positive impact that the award has had on their firms. Significant outcomes cited have included industry recognition, greater media attention, the forging of new business relationships, and more quality project leads.

LBDA has opened doors for us

Upstairs_ In-Expat
UPSTAIRS_: (From left) Dennis Cheok, Creative Director; Bertrand Koh, CFO; and Eric Lee, CEO

“Instead of having to knock on doors one by one with the media to get our work published, we are now getting direct enquiries from those we often do not have access to. This is something that I’m immensely thankful for,” said Dennis Cheok , who’s firm UPSTAIRS_ enjoyed a solid performance in the first two cycles of LBDA, receiving among numerous accolades the title of “Interior Design Firm of the Year 2017”.

Dennis added: “LBDA has also given us a platform to build new relationships with peers, vendors and brands in the industry, and we have since developed strong, meaningful friendships that at times also opened one door or another for us.

“On the longer haul, we started getting better project enquiries, and are in a very fortunate place in time when we can be more selective with the projects that we take on. It’s become less about survival, and more about building a brand.”

People are now more aware of who we are, and what we stand for

ASOLIDPLAN: (From left) Partners Quck Zhong Yi, Wong Kerhow and Lim Jing Feng

“The recognition given by LBDA has helped to reinforce our brand as a design-oriented and forward-thinking practice,” said ASOLIDPLAN, which bagged significant accolades in the past two LBDAs, including “Interior Design Firm of the Year, up-and-coming (special commendation)” in 2018. “Increasingly, we see clients coming to us because they want something different, sometimes even speaking the same design language. This alignment of brand and client expectation is something we truly appreciate.”

Client confidence has increased

akihaus design studio
akiHAUS Design Studio: (Extreme right) Lawrence Puah, Founder and Design Director, and his team

“I believe our wins in both LBDA 2017 and 2018 have given further confidence to our clients past, present and future when they entrust their homes and projects to us,” said Lawrence Puah of akiHAUS Design Studio. The firm made a strong showing in both runs of the awards, and was named “Interior Design Firm of the Year (special commendation)” in 2018.

LBDA offers healthy competition and heightened visibility

Said ASOLIDPLAN: “Being in healthy competition among fellow designers, being subject to intellectual scrutiny from industry experts, as well as exposure from the media coverage of the awards are all valuable benefits.”

Said Dennis: “LBDA is a force to be reckoned with amongst so many other design awards, insofar that each nominated entry is given a good platform and outreach from the media campaigns leading to the gala event.”

Arkhilite: (From left) Vincent Goi and Catherine Low, Directors

“While we have always been very pumped by the processes and realisations of our designs, it is exhilarating to share them with our contemporaries and the public when our works win at the awards, as we are given the opportunity to explain more about the thoughts behind the designs,” said Vincent Goi. His firm Arkhilite received the Most Dramatic Transformation award at LBDA 218 for their Trees, Bruce & Connections project.

The award has high credibility

“In our opinion, an award is only as good as its judges, and the high caliber of the LBDA jury panel gave it amazing credibility. Because of that, every win at LBDA is a great accolade and an affirmation of excellence in design for the winning firms,” said Lawrence.

It unites the design community

“The process of entering design projects into a competitive platform allows a firm to share their body of work, and be part of the peers and collectives that make up the design industry that we’re all playing a part to build,” said Dennis.

The awards process is enjoyable!

“The [presentation] session with the jury was particularly interesting. It felt like the design studio sessions we had back in architecture school. To us, it is a great opportunity to hear feedback on how we can improve our craft,” said Vincent.

Said Lawrence: “We have always found the team at Lookbox Living to be like family. They have been extremely helpful in guiding us through the submission process and I’d say that the whole LBDA experience has been a breeze.”