LBDA 2018 Jury Insights: Andrea Savage & Nikki Hunt

  •   8 May 2018

Andrea Savage and Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention tell us how they’ll be picking the winners of Lookbox Design Awards 2018.

What will you be looking for in a winning entry?

A successful interior is not just about making a space look aesthetically beautiful, it’s about creating a functional space as well as one that fulfils its true potential to enhance our living experience. Originality in design is important, so is creativity but not when it sacrifices the functionality nor the space itself. Interior design should be transformative yet meet the client’s brief. This is what we will be looking for in the winning entry.

What advice do you have for entrants of Lookbox Design Awards 2018?

Interior Design in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region has become cutting edge. We are no longer looking to the West for inspiration, they are instead looking to us. We have become the trendsetters in design. Therefore, your interiors need to reflect this world class standard – they need to inspire, transform, and yet be functional.

Can you comment on the state of residential interior design in Singapore today? 

Our world is becoming increasingly homogenised with everything and anything available to all at the click of the keyboard. At Design Intervention, we have found that our high-end clients are increasingly looking to personalisation as the the hallmark of true luxury.

Why do you think an award like the Lookbox Design Awards is important for the industry?

Design awards play a critical role in raising industry standards. They inspire design professionals to strive for new, fresh ideas and higher standards of workmanship. We are thrilled to be part of this worthy initiative.


Design Intervention

Helmed by acclaimed design duo, Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage, Design Intervention is one of Singapore’s most respected design studios. The firm has won numerous awards and accolades for their work from around the globe. The firm has been actively fostering local talent through the Young Designers Award, and Nikki and Andrea also host an interior design TV show for HGTV called Come On In.