Peter Tay

In Profile: LBDA 2019 Judge Peter Tay

  •   30 May 2019

Text by Redzman Rahmat
Images courtesy of Peter Tay Studio

When it comes to the interior design industry in Singapore, there aren’t many names or personalities that have reached prominence. After all, it’s a bustling industry that’s highly competitive and in constant flux. But one name that always comes to mind is Peter Tay. The founder and director of Peter Tay Studio 
is well known for his work on celebrity homes, and 
his illustrious list of clients includes Wang Leehom, Stephanie Sun and Zoe Tay.

Peter has also cultivated a certain reputation for designing grandiose yet practical interiors. With his wealth of experience, he seems to have found that elusive balance between the luxurious and
 the utilitarian, designing spaces that are bold and beautiful, yet highly habitable.

Leedon Residence Peter tay
Leedon Residence

Labour of love

Peter’s passion for design is unmistakable. Even when he speaks about the projects he has worked on, it’s easy to see that this is a man who loves what he does. “When I design a space, I design it for the inhabitants.
 I want to invoke feelings in a very poetic manner that will speak to the owner,” he explains. “It’s a space that’s not artificially created, but a space that grows and evolves with the owners.”

While preserving the identity of a space is important, Peter also believes in enhancing the 
spatial parameters of a home. One of his design calling cards is his knack for manipulating light in an interior and architectural setting. “It’s a very powerful phenomenon,” he goes on to say. “Light has the ability to almost dissolve the walls. You’re dematerialising the space, not through decoration, but through the power of light.” By focusing on the materiality of a home, Peter and his design team have come up with a design method that allows light to enhance the interaction between the space and its habitant.

Goodman Road Peter Tay
Good Class Bungalow at Goodman Road

Reflection of light

Peter’s experiments with light naturally led him to think about his current fascination. “I became fixated with the idea of reflections,” he laughs. “A single volume space can look like a double, or even triple volume space, just by its reflections alone.” As of late, Peter’s body of work has played around with the theme of light and reflections, utilising high gloss ceilings, full expanses of mirrored walls and sleek, polished finishes.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Peter named his second book ‘Reflections’. “You can call it a retrospective. It’s a reflection of not just my work,
 but a reflection of my last 15 years,” he explains. The coffee table book, which is currently still in production, offers a closer look at the designer’s work processes, presenting an invaluable peek into the mind of one of Singapore’s most creative personalities.

ONE15Marina Peter Tay
ONE15Marina penthouse

Bright future

Despite his fame and prominence (he was named Designer of the Year at the 2014 President’s Design Award) Peter hasn’t changed his work ethic. He still works seven days a week and clocks in 16-hour work days. Even with his many local and international projects, Peter still finds time to actively support Singapore’s interior design scene.

“I think it’s important to give back to the industry that has treated me so well. I’m always looking at the possibilities of how I can contribute to society and I do that by helping to nurture the next generation of interior designers as a lecturer.”

Sky Park Peter Tay
Sky Park apartment

Peter is also lending his expertise and knowledge to Lookbox Design Awards as one of the jury members. “Singapore is really pushing design to
 the next level and I think that’s fantastic. What the inaugural Lookbox Design Awards pulled off in 2017 was truly impressive, especially when you compare it to other more established design competitions.
 I’m looking forward to being a part of it this year, and seeing how I can help to give back to the industry.”