Lookbox Design Awards (LBDA) honours the projects and people that are setting new benchmarks for home interior design in Singapore.

2018 Lookbox Design Awards Winners

From a total of about 200 entries, submitted by some of Singapore’s leading interior design firms, we are proud to present to you the official winners of the 2018 Lookbox Design Awards.

Celebrating their achievements in Singapore on the evening of Thursday, 22 November 2018, the Lookbox Design Awards brought the industry together in one unified night of celebration.

We wish to thank you for joining us in recognising Singapore’s finest talents in the field of residential interior design.

On behalf of our sponsors, the judges and all members of the industry who got behind the Lookbox Design Awards to celebrate our country’s best, we wish to congratulate the Lookbox Design Awards alumni of 2018!


The Categories


Outstanding HDB Flat

We honour Singapore’s most inspiring HDB dwelling – one that’s considered and thoughtful, and sensitively designed for living well.

Outstanding Private Apartment

This award goes to the private apartment that’s tailored, with individualistic spaces that fulfil the needs and wants of its residents in a most creative and thoughtful manner.

Outstanding Landed Home

This award honours the landed home that responds beautifully to its context and addresses the functional and aspirational requirements of its inhabitants.

Best Space for Entertaining

We celebrate the social aspect of home – a space primed for entertaining, whether in a casual or formal setting. Such areas in the home can include the living room, dining room, kitchen, entertainment room, outdoor space, as well or other areas where gatherings occur.

Best Space for Retreat

Home above all is your personal space and shelter – a place to seek comfort, rest and rejuvenate. We award the project that encapsulates the ethos of retreating into a private sanctuary. Examples of retreat spaces in the home include the living room, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, as well as other areas where one goes to for rest and relaxation.

Best Open-Plan Concept

Modern-day living has seen the rise of homes with no walls. We award the project that exemplifies the idea of open-plan living, with seamless and efficiently designed spaces that address the lifestyles, needs and desires of the people that reside in them.

Most Dramatic Transformation

We recognise the home that has undergone the most dramatic and inspiring transformation to meet the needs and wants of its inhabitants.

Outstanding Space: Old Home Conversion

A shophouse residence, an old walk-up or high-rise apartment, a black-and-white house. This award honours a home (one built no later than the 1970s) that demonstrates a sensitive conversion into a modern-day living space.

Interior Design Firm of the Year

The Interior Design Firm of the Year is one that excels, inspires others, and is making strong strides and a positive contribution to Singapore’s home interior design scene.

Home of the Year

Home of the Year is a special award honouring the most outstanding residential project entered into the LBDA. This work breaks away from the traditional approach and boldly pushes the possibilities of design to set new benchmarks in Singapore’s home interior design scene.

* The winner of this special award will be chosen by the judges from among the LBDA finalists.


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